Update Log

List of meaningful changes to Trickle Down Music since launch.


  • May 8th: Updated Registering Your Songs: ISRCs, SOCAN, Sound Exchange: added in the qualifier that in order to be eligible for royalties on your live shows, there’s a minimum cover charge of $6 and you’ll need to supply proof in the form of a digital poster, ticket stub or contract. Thanks to Jzero Schurmna via Facebook comment for the reminder.
  • May 5th: Updated Campus & Community Radio: added a section about albums vs. EPs vs singles, and how many campus stations don’t accept singles. Pointed out that !earshot digital distribution does in fact allow artists to submit a single for a reduced rate. Thanks to Piyush Patel for the suggestion via Instagram DM.
  • May 5th: Updated Marketing & Social Media: after seeing more than a few posts for show announcements where key info on posters was being cut off, or lacking basic info, included some visual examples of album and show announcements on Facebook and Instagram.
  • May 5th: Updated Campus & Community Radio: made more explicit reference to needing to send radio stations your music in various formats (streaming for quick listen, high quality WAVs for actual airplay, etc.). The easier you make it for someone to hear your music quickly without a download, but also make it easy for them to grab that download later, the better.
  • May 4th: Updated Press & Publicity: included section highlighting the importance of clearly listing your contact info (e-mail address) on all social media profiles. Thanks to Polaris Music Prize for the suggestion via Twitter.
  • May 3rd: Trickle Down Music officially launched!