F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I find a manager or booking agent? When is the best time to get one?

In 99% of cases (this is a guesstimate, not a scientific study), you won’t go out and find your first manager or agent. There’s a point at which your project has hit a certain level of notoriety and has a proven track record for successful shows or albums, and an ability to make money, that industry professionals will start finding you instead.

That said, when meeting industry professionals, it’s not bad form to let them know if you’ve grown beyond your own capacities and could use help with management or booking services.

Should I spend money on a publicist or radio tracker?

There’s a different Venn diagram for every band on when the answer for this should be “yes,” depending on disposable income, current momentum, tour plans, etc. However, my overall advice would be to start by doing your own publicity and radio tracking to get a handle on what it entails and to get an honest look at where your project stands. Only having done it yourself will you be able to properly gauge if it’s worth the money.

That said, many granting agencies do allow artists to use funds to hire publicists or radio trackers. In those cases, if you hire one with a proven track record, they’ll have more sway in getting your release more attention, but you won’t sink your project if it doesn’t equate to sales or better show offers.