Shawn Petsche
Socials: @shawnoftheshred on Twitter/Instagram
Self-Cut Bangs:

I am available to answer any questions you may have or to offer quick feedback on your own plans.

At present, official management and record label services are limited to my own projects and those I specifically seek out.

If you are looking for more substantial help and would like to hire me to work with you on your press materials, help with campus & community radio distribution and tracking, and with media pitches, please get in touch. Trickle Down Music lays out everything I would do for your release, so the decision is mainly based on if you have the time/capacity to do it yourself. These services can be claimed in many grant applications, and for most emerging artists without a proven track record to recoup the costs, I would only recommend paying for them if you have funding available to you.

If I have worked with you in any capacity, and a grant application could use a letter of reference from me, I may be able to provide one.

Good luck out there!

Photo: Hero Images.